Of Ladybugs and Bookworms

Any person with multiple — and often competing — interests strives for a way to reconcile these. I found my way in the art of translation, where my love of literature, my fascination with people and nature, my enthusiasm for researching information and a certain gift for practicalities come together in my delight in finding just the right word.

Even though I have been keen on translating ever since my early school years, my "official" life as a freelancer did not take off until the beginning of the new millennium. I receive commissions almost exclusively from high-end German publishers of fiction and nonfiction; my list of authors includes some of the best in their respective fields. My nonfiction specialties are centered on garden design, architecture, and lifestyle, with an extra focus on Japanese gardens.

At a glance:

Education:M.A. equivalent in Language & Literature (English and Russian, Münster University)
Editing:scientific papers for peer-reviewed publication since 1982
Translations:English & French into German
Publications:fiction & nonfiction since the year 2000
Specialties:garden design, architecture, lifestyle & DIY, Japan, biography
Years abroad:United States (11 yrs)
Gardening:owned gardens since 1990
garden tours in England, Italy, France, Japan
Travels:Europe: UK, France, Italy, Iceland
U.S.A.: Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, Alaska, California
Japan: Kyōto, Kanazawa, Kamakura, Kōya-san